We are deeply bonded to the territory where we work, and are committed to maintaining a constant balance between production performances and respect for the environment. Every day, our purification plants process 2,300 – 2,500 cubic meters of water, returning this precious resource to the Cervo torrent in compliance with the laws on the surface water treatment. The plants’ maximum capacity is 4,500 – 5,000 cubic meters a day.

Our production process avails itself of the most advanced technologies, in terms of machinery, with Green Label certification, as well as processes that do not use toxic substances, to guarantee our people a comfortable work environment.

Part of the surface area of ​​the roofs of our factories is almost entirely covered by photovoltaic solar panels: 12,500 square meters in the weaving factory and 5,000 square meters in the spinning factory, for a peak electricity production equal to, respectively, approximately 4 megawatts and 750 Kwatts per hour. Furthermore, there is a hydroelectric plant with 2 turbines that can produce approximately 580 Kwatt/hour.